In January 2016, Bells of the Sound announced their sixth composition contest, Two's Company. Composers were asked to create a musical experience for two full ensembles, or a mixture of partial ensembles, in the Two’s Company contest. Eight entries were received by the blind trust established for this event by the July 31, 2016 deadline. Bells of the Sound reviewed each piece and ranked them according to the contest criteria: Audience appeal; Playability; Following the Theme; Musicality; and Creativity. The winning composition as well as several other contest submissions will be premiered at a future Bells of the Sound's concert series.

Bells of the Sound is pleased to award First Place to Alex Guebert of California for Duel! This intricate piece sets the stage for battle right from the start as 6/8 plays against 3/4 and Choir 1 fights it out against Choir 2 – and just when you think there is a clear victor, everything switches around and its back into combat we go! We loved the energy of this piece and can’t wait to perform it.

Bells of the Sound thanks everyone who submitted a composition - we really appreciate you sharing your creative vision with us. And we are very impressed with the quality of the compositions that were submitted - the handbell community is very lucky to have such great talent in its ranks.

The complete list of Two's Company Composition Contest entries is:

  • Double or Nothing by Mike Mazzatenta
  • Duel! by Alex Guebert
  • Echo Song by Pat Hurlbutt
  • Flourish on an Early American Tune by Rick Smith
  • Prelude by Pat Hurlbutt
  • Shadows by Karen Thompson
  • Simple! A Gift by Bob Burroughs
  • Tintinnabula by Kenny Kruger
  • Tryptich by Dave Tiedman

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